Process Narrative

When I first started building this website, it started out as a small WordPress blog filled with the necessary assignments and a short introduction of a website. I did not focus on the presentation of the website and it looked fairly plain with a white and black focus and no images within the text-based development reports. This was essentially what my class called the Publication #1. We had to upload the first few development reports to the website in relation to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
It looked a lot like this blank page.

In Publication #2, I decided to work more on the presentation of the website as well as upload some more of the development reports. I created a more presentable front page with a header image and colors that reflect the relationship between COVID-19, Nebraska, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The previous development reports that were uploaded to the website were given images to help their presentation. I had changed the name of the website to better reflect the broad scope of Lincoln, Nebraska rather than just the Lincoln campus.

Now, as the final Publication #3 is finished, I have uploaded the remaining development reports as well as uploaded the backups of information located on GitHub. I did not edit much else on the website for presentation purposes as I felt like the look of my website was sufficient enough for the message I am trying to send. Stresses related to the end of the semester also caused the website to remain stagnant in presentation.

This website will technically never be finished. Its current state is merely as complete as the class requires it to be. There is a lot of information I could add to the website, but not much else is required. Therefore, this website is as finished as much as I could muster into it.

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