DH Dev. Report #6

Documenting the impact of the Coronavirus in Downtown Lincoln

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For one of the programs of this project, I decided to use StoryMap. The use of StoryMap allows this project to display images in a way that documents my trip around the downtown area during COVID-19. Unlike simply displaying the images, this map method allows users to walk around areas where they would most likely find reminders that the pandemic has impacted Lincoln. My StoryMap starts from where I was dropped off by the bus nearby the YMCA all the way to various shops around the area. By documenting the images this way, it feels more like a story of how some areas of downtown are handling the restrictions better than others. While a lot of the businesses were closed due to COVID-19, they started opening back up and displaying messages informing customers that not only are they back in business, but that they are required to follow procedure to go inside.

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Here is the metadata for the provided pictures:

For help documenting the number of people there were in the Downtown Lincoln area, I decided to use the traditional method of pen, pencil, and paper to draw a graph. Since I did not want to copy the StoryMap method of creating a drawing involving locations, the graph method would show another aspect of COVID-19 impact on the downtown area by comparing two groups without the need of a website to do so. When I used to go downtown, there were usually a lot of people walking around. Documenting for this project, however, there were barely any people outside in the hour I walked around. On the left are the number of people who were outside wearing masks, and on the right are the number of people who were not wearing one at all. By comparing mask users to no mask users, we can see how not having a mandatory mask requirement outdoors leads people to refuse to wear them.

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