DH Dev. Report #3

Documenting the impact of the Coronavirus at UNL.

Each picture is linked from Flickr, which provides metadata about the image such as the camera used when clicked.

Protect Yourself and Our Husker Community Sign
Photo #1. A UNL sign reminding people to follow proper COVID-19 procedure.
Hand Sanitizing Station
Photo #2. A UNL hand sanitation station that also thanks people for being safe.
Bird Scooter
Photo #3. A Bird scooter sitting unused, either due to the rain or COVID-19 concerns.
6 Feet Sign
Photo #4. A UNL sign telling people to stay 6 feet apart.
Photo #5. The Morrill Hall Mammoth statue, Archie, wearing masks on his mouth and trunk to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Visit Morrill Hall
Photo #6. A Morrill Hall sign asking about tickets, masks, and staying 6 feet apart.
Share the Sidewalk Sign
Photo #7. A Bike UNL sign telling bikers to yield to pedestrians. Both are wearing masks.
Please Wear a Mask in This Area Sign
Photo #8. A UNL sign of Herbie, the school mascot, holding up a mask to let people know masks are required in the area.
Caution Taped Books
Photo #9. A section of the UNL library closed off with caution tape due to COVID-19.
Single File Library Stairs
Photo #10. Arrows right before the stairs that dictate which direction people are supposed to use them in.

Here is the Excel spreadsheet on additional metadata of the images:

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